Recorder Orchestras

In search of the perfect recorder orchestra sound …

Since 2013, Joris Van Goethem and Tom Beets of the Flanders Recorder Quartet have held a series of one-day events for recorder, with the focus on orchestral playing.
There are 2 groups, a Chamber Orchestra and the Full Orchestra, with Joris and Tom alternating between the two. The Chamber Orchestra tackles the most difficult orchestral repertoire, one-to-a-part. The second Orchestra has a slightly less challenging repertoire and some doubling up of parts to ensure a very high standard is still achieved.

Come prepared

Participants can preview the music in advance and request their preferred parts and instruments. The final decision is with Tom and Joris, who will get in touch to allocate parts when registration is closed.

You will be expected to practise your parts in advance so that everyone gets the most from the day.

Air-Force is an initiative of the Flanders Recorder Quartet.

Air-Force calendar

Sint-Niklaas, België

September 24, 2017 (10:00 - 18:00)
carpool info: players are coming from
  • BE Antwerpen: 2640 Mortsel (1), Brasschaat (1), Essen (1), Herselt (1), Lippelo (1)
  • BE Brussel: Franciskanenlaan 8 (1)
  • BE Limburg: Hasselt (1), Hazenstraat,9, 3910 Neerpelt (1)
  • BE Oost-Vlaanderen: Aalst (1)
  • BE Other: Hove (1), Mechelen (1)
  • BE Vlaams-Brabant: Kessel-Lo (1), Korbeek-Lo (1), Meise (1), Vaalbeek (1), Wilsele (1), ZAVENTEM (1)
  • BE West-Vlaanderen: Tielt (1)
  • NL Flevoland: Zeewolde (1)
  • NL Limburg: Papenhoven (1)
  • NL Zeeland: Axel (1)

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September 14, 2017

The long and last (everlasting?) tour has started. In the next 16 months, we'll be presenting three concert programmes all over the world: 'Final Chapter', 'A Song for All Seasons' and 'Our Final Favourites'. Make sure to catch us before we draw the curtain in December 2018!
[in the picture: FRQ with our beloved producer & sound engineer Ulrich in 2012]



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