AIR-FORCE : Amherst Early Music Festival -Week 1 Daily Classes

10.Juli 2017 - 15.Juli 2017
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Kammer Orchester

The difficulty level of the parts ranges from quite difficult to those that can be handled by the intermediate player.

Steve Marshall, What we did on our Holidays (2007)

What we did on our holidays is a suite of six colourful pieces. Two of the pieces are fast and a bit tricky; the others are fairly easy. The titles give a clear idea of the intended atmospheres: The Helicopter Ride, Climbing The Hill At Dawn, The Village Fête, Rowing By Moonlight, Running Along The Beach and Saying Goodbye. This suite is scored for the standard English recorder orchestra: sopranino, soprano, two altos, two tenor, two basses, greatbass and contrabass.

The parts here below contain one page of each movement. They are intended to give you an idea about the level of difficulty

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Sie werden gebeten mindestens 3 Auswahlen zu treffen. Bitte kreuzen Sie hierzu die Kästchen links vom Instrumentennamen an. Wir werden die Instrumente verteilen und mit Ihnen in Kontakt treten, sobald die Registrierung geschlossen ist.



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