AIR-FORCE : Amherst Early Music Festival -Week 1 Daily Classes

July 09, 2018 - July 13, 2018

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Chamber Orchestra

The difficulty level of the parts ranges from quite difficult to parts that can be handled by the intermediate player. For upper intermediate to advanced recorders. The top parts are more difficult and will be assigned to advanced players.

Dietrich Schnabel, Sinfonietta (2008)

Sinfonietta offers a broad sound spectrum of the recorder orchestra, beautiful “earworm” melodies, challenging rhythms, meter changes and explores all chromatic notes on the recorder. It is scored for Sn S S AA TT BB, Greatbass, Contrabass.
The German composer and conductor Dietrich Schnabel wrote this Sinfonietta in 2008 for the Northern Recorder Course. It's a marvellous work in three movements in typical Schnabel style, with hints of the Romantic period and with interesting parts for all the instruments. The first movement is a refined mix of rondo and sonata form and is dominated by a rising chordal theme and a thriving motive of dotted notes. In between the presentations of the theme all the parts have a short solo, in either a romantic or jazz-like style. The second movement starts with a contrabass solo in lyrical fashion and grows gradually into a full-sound, brisk in 13/8 time. Allthough it starts off heavily and in peace, the third movement is a festivity of musical fireworks with barely any 'time to breathe'. This sinfonietta has a running time of about 24 minutes (!) and is by far the shortest piece of this type that Schnabel has written.

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5 [five]

5 [five], released June 17, 2017


Encore!, released October 12, 2012



June 15, 2018

Bart's current town, Bertem, will be celebrating its cultural and sporty people of the year. He will be receiving the award for best musical act for the Flanders Recorder Quartet on 22nd July. Congrats!